About us

Welcome to the OSNS Type Shop. You've arrived at Australia's heartland of Bespoke Typography. You won't find any illustrators here dressed up as Typographers.   You will only find meticulously crafted lettering that has been honed by specialists trained to understand that Typography and Lettering work as a visual system. All our featured lettering artists and type designers have studied the history of letterforms, and know why particular letters look the way they do. They understand that quality lettering (just like Architecture) is dependent on foundation and structure. All are trained as Communication Designers, meaning that they understand the appropriate application for a given lettering style to any piece of branding strategy. We hope you enjoy seeing the difference that this all makes,  here in the Type Shop, and maybe even feel inspired to purchase a gift for a friend, or maybe even yourself. We hope you feel inspired to return, and see the work of new Type Designers, Lettering Artists and Calligraphers.

If you are interested in having your work showcased in the Type Shop, you will need to study, and work hard. There really is no secret to creating quality type and lettering. It takes months and months of patience and practice. Why not take a  look at our classes here.  ?  The future of Brand Architecture likes with those who can create custom type. Why not look at our four-week Type Design Program here?